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Biddin’ Foyas is a welcoming community for those of all athletic and personal backgrounds. We aim to improve at frisbee, support each other, and win our second regional championship!

Join us for our two weekly practices and three spring tournaments. As a team, we vote on the norms and expectations for the season, but at tournaments we have equal playing time and focus on getting better.

If you have any questions about whether Biddies or the Foya program is right for you, please reach out to our Recruitment chair, Sarah (sel120) or our Community chair, Caroline (crc153).

Peace. Love. Biddies.

Biddin’ foyas

Founded in 2014, Biddin’ Foyas is Georgetown Ultimate’s Women’s B-Team. We’re a no-cuts team and reigning champs.


2019 Atlantic Coast Developmental Regional Champions

Social Media:

IG: @biddinfoyasultimate

Twitter: @fiddinboyas

The Biddies are incredibly proud of the intersecting identities of all our members, both on our team and in our community. Our goal is to provide an inclusive and positive environment for all people to thrive in here at Georgetown. We do our best to meet any financial barriers a player may face and to consistently uphold our community values and commitment to all our members and their identities. Here, we believe that our differences make us stronger and are something to celebrate.
— Biddies Statement on Identity and Inclusion