Huckin Foyas!

Welcome to Huckin’ Foyas! The Huckin’ Foyas is a community of extraordinary, driven, hardworking, and kind people. We’re built on the philosophy that even as teammates graduate and rookies join, the Foyas are a consistent source of support, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, and all-encompassing love for everyone. We succeed together, we fail together, and we push each other to be better athletes, students, and friends. Every single one of us plays a part in nurturing the culture and spirit of this team.


Statement on Community and Identity: The Foyas are committed to continuously growing as a more affirming, inclusive, and equitable community. We strive for social consciousness of the dynamics of race and class in the greater Ultimate community and here at Georgetown. We are queer-affirming and trans-affirming, and we stand with survivors of sexual assault. We respect the many intersecting identities each Foya possesses, and we aim to support each other with care, respect, and willingness to do better for each other. We aim to make participation in frisbee more affordable by makings costs transparent and committing to cover any that may place undue strain on any Foya. We strive to speak out against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, classism, and ableism within the Foya community, within the Georgetown Ultimate community, and within the ultimate community as a whole. We are open to reflecting on our impact and learning from our mistakes, and we are here to listen to, validate, and represent our community. 

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