Brodown Recap

It was Saturday October 13th, and the boys from the Hilltop were rearing to go for another showing at University of Maryland’s annual Brodown tournament.  Nationals back in May was merely a well-publicized warm-up for this rollercoaster of a tournament, as anyone who’s anyone knows that Brodown is the place where true stars are born (more on Jack “Thickle” Romp later).  The scrappy wolfpack that is Georgetown Men’s Ultimate set off from the front gates at 37th and O, headed through the crisp October air toward the good ole Rosslyn metro station.  After not losing anyone, successfully completing a transfer at L’Enfant Plaza, and #trustingourcaptain about which way the fields were, we finally made it to the fields at UMD with a generous 15 minutes to spare before our first clash of the day with UMBC (read UM  (pause) BC!!!).

Booyah proved no match for center pumpkin spice flick-specialist handler Henry Gunderson and high-flying Liam Fleming, who was excited to be playing at a school that actually had real frat houses.  After a lay out by Zach (except not your typical lay out catch, more like laying out another human being...frisbee is a contact sport), some acrobatic catches and bookend-stealing grabs from Steven, and some pretty backhand hucks from R Kelly the Rapper, the good guys ended up on top (and up top).

Next came Maryland, who was halfway between playing frisbee and taking part in their homecoming festivities on the sidelines.  Maryland jumped out to an early lead, but after some big D’s by Big Dawg Clyde and Big Dawg Palaski, and some masterful cutting by Groton Soccer star Schuyler Colloredo-Mansfeld, the boys from Georgetown were right back in the game.  However, in the end, Boots and the boys from Maryland overcame the Hoyas, for the sole reason that we didn’t want to make them sad on their Homecoming weekend.

Our next challengers were the dudes from J Hop, who were still mourning the dogging they got from Georgetown in the first game of Regionals this past April.  They must’ve been out looking for revenge, as they proved too much for Georgetown, despite the reliable hands of Mack, Eamon, Andy, and Avelino, and the all too reliable hammer ATTEMPTS of one Sir William Glynn VII, which came about as often as you would expect.  

Seeking to get back to .500 on the day, the men with Blue and Gray hearts traveled over to the wasteland that UMD called field 4.  After assessing the putrid air quality that pervaded the space and the tired legs of all the participants, George Mason and Georgetown agreed on a fan-favorite good ole game to 9.  Under the shadow of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house the Hoyas excelled and finished the day off strong with some Antarctica-like chilly offense from Holden, some shifty cuts from B Tong, some “see ya later” deep cuts from Luke, and a wonderful winning score from Ben “Rich-What?!!!” Richmond (shoutout Coach Carter).

After a night of watching the movie “Tag”, which includes a man telling his wife to have a fake miscarriage so as not to get tagged by his other adult friends, the boys from the Hilltop were headed back to UMD for day 2, but this time in Ubers.

After attempting to sleep in the car but instead talking to his nice old veteran Uber driver, Kunwoo and Co. rolled up for some nice breakfast bagels.  The team finally got to the fields, where they would square up against the other Johns Hopkins team there for the weekend.  The Georgetown boys, after their long night of movie watching, were still waking up for the day and lost fun-fun, despite Tom’s effort to help the team score points by taking our pictures.  

Next up came the most competitive game of the weekend vs. Townson.   JBS, Broth, and James helped provide some soothing O points, while Ben Hebert came flying in to get some monstrous D’s.  However, the big storyline coming out of this game was the emergence of Jack “Jackson Thickle Thicccqq Boi, Romper Stiltskin lookin’, Shark Tank” Romp, who discovered that he could lay out in frisbee games and that he need not jump to complete his bookends.  Tom and Zach trusted this particular teammate enough to have Tom de-cleat and pitch a set of orange peels to Zach who proceeded to clobber the first few with a wooden stick and then get struck out on a nasty slider from Ebert.  Townson ended up getting the W by 2 goals, but all Georgetown could think about was how badly they were going to smack them in sectionals.

The weekend ended with a short game to 7 against Maryland, the only highlight being Will Glynn’s massive D on Boots.  

With their heads held high the boys from the block headed homebound, with countless lessons learned, a lot of reps under their belt, and a large ramp to climb as the #RoadtoRoundRock continued to be paved.

-By Zach

Georgetown X!

Georgetown X!

Thomas Elbert