Early-Season Recap!

It's rare that ultimate fans are treated to displays of the best that the sport has to offer on back to back weekends, but that is exactly what we are lucky enough to witness this week. Last weekend it was USAU Club Nationals in sunny San Diego while this weekend holds Catholic Justice's Blue and Grey Scrim at beautiful Cooper Field, two events of equal magnitude in the ultimate world. Our Justice alums made us proud at nationals with Christian BoxleyTroy HollandMatt Kerrigan, and current player (don't tell him he made the team yet) Chance Cochran representing D.C. with Truck Stop. Mike Drost, another Justice alum, won the men's tournament with New York PONY, making the game winning throw. In the mixed division, former captain Nico Lake was crowned a national champion with Amp from Philadelphia. 

While our old friends were ending their club seasons, Georgetown men's ultimate is just starting our slide up the ramp. With a new crop of rookies carrying their discs all over campus, chasing after hucks in Randy Moss, and learning our old friend the vertical stack, the season is fully underway. After the Rookie Round Robin and Brodown, even the new guys are like seasoned vets. The next few weeks might be spent flattening out those flicks and mastering our marks, but this year's rookies have already learned the most important thing there is to know about frisbee: there's nowhere better to be on Tuesday and Thursday nights than Cooper Field.

Thomas Elbert